About The Shop

When I came to the end of my rope…I made a knot 😉

Being raised on a college campus in the 70’s I learned about recycling in its earlier days. There was even a kid’s summer program put on by students that included eco-conscious activities and crafts. Apparently when I was very young my favorite toy was the sturdy box (that a present came in) that became a train, a mobile toybox and a TV among other uses.

So nature, recycling and upcycling has always interested me, as well as intricate patterns and music. How things work also intrigues me (and sometimes how to make them work better). People tell me I am very energetic, so I find making (in general) enjoyable and somewhat therapeutic 😉

Like many people these days, I have been laid off (twice), which have been major forces of change. After the last time I decided I would pursue something I truly enjoyed and try being my own boss, and I started Eclectic Directions, my very small business.

I strive to be as eco-friendly as possible; I use recycled and upcycled materials (like boot box covers!) wherever possible, and my shipping materials are recycled, biodegradable or both.

When I came to the end of my rope…I made a knot 😉

So here it is! Enter the shop.

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