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Never have enough time for your creative pursuits?

(“Now what was I supposed to do by this afternoon…? Ah-ha! There’s that thing I needed to get started. Who is that calling? Oh yeah, we were supposed to talk about that this Wednesday–wait, it’s Wednesday already?!”)

How would you like to…

  • Clear your head and keep it that way
  • Corral those great ideas of yours before they escape
  • Spend less time on your have-to’s and more time on your want-to’s


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As you can see, these are completely free with no obligatory signup. After wrestling with the GTD system and a few others, I created this so you wouldn’t have to struggle as well. It gets you started with concrete, basic steps.  But to really get rolling, here’s more.

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Again, all of the training missions will be brief and basic to help you save time. Full disclaimer: from time to time, I will send you updates and promotions that pertain to your interest. You choose your interest preference from a list.**

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